Sales Conditions

ORDERS : Only orders received in written form will be taken into consideration (by e-mail, telefax, post). Delivery dates are not essential; in any case Autoclima won’t be responsible for delays due to  not imputable reasons such as  delays of our suppliers, strikes, dead lines. AUTOCLIMA is authorized to arrange partial shipment invoicing entirely the delivered goods.                                                                                                            

PRICES : Unless otherwise agreed, orders will be settled as per current price list at the date of order reception. Prices of this price list are expressed in EURO and they are ex V.A.T. tax (and others, if any) and ex installation costs. The price list totally replace the previous one and any other special agreement in prices. Packing is also included.    AUTOCLIMA  reserves the right to modify any price of current price list without prior notice.                                                                                                                                              

DELIVERY : All goods are delivered in ex works. Any risk or damage occurred during transportation are on customer’s charge. Any request  for missing part or damage must be reverted to the shipping agent. Claims for goods apparently not in accordance with orders must be notified by writing to Autoclima within 7 days after the receipt.                                                                                                                                                                      

RETURN OF GOODS : Return of goods for order cancellation or mistakes in ordering  must have a previous written confirmation from AUTOCLIMA. Besides, goods will be returned back to AUTOCLIMA free of transportation costs and in their full integrity.           In any case, AUTOCLIMA will apply a 15% reduction on credit value to recover operating costs, goods check-up and stock replacing. In any case returns of goods are not allowed without  written authorization by AUTOCLIMA.                                                                                 

PAYMENT : Till the payment is not entirely done, the goods will remain of AUTOCLIMA property (without  prejudice of transfer of any relevant risk to the purchaser). Any payment delay  will authomatically stop deliveries and any other service requested at that period. Without prejudice to other AUTOCLIMA’s rights, the company will charge interest equal to the official discount rate, periodically announced by the Banca d’Italia, plus two (2) monthly penalty, on the amount of the overdue account, worked out from the expired date up to the date of effective payment.                                                                                                   

WARRANTY : AUTOCLIMA’s products have a 12 months warranty from the installation date, proved by the Warranty Certificate, or 15 months from the invoicing date. Warranty is only applied on complete A/C system sold and produced by AUTOCLIMA. Any component fitted alone from other AUTOCLIMA components shall not be covered by warranty. Warranty is only extended on products installed and labours carried out by our authorized workshops. The A/C units and components and the refrigerators manufactured by AUTOCLIMA are exclusively destined respectively for cooling spaces occupied by persons and for refigerating food. Any other application or usage not expressely authorized in writing by AUTOCLIMA will make the warranty lost and will free AUTOCLIMA from all responsabilities against persons, animals or goods.

The warranty does not cover: defects due to wrong installation, unlogical usage, lack or wrong maintenance and any repair, alteration or modification not allowed by AUTOCLIMA or not carried out by our authorized workshops network.          All consumption materials subject to natural, degradation like belts, receiver driers, refrigerant and so on are not covered by warranty.                                                                                                                                                                       

For more details, please refer to the “INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY PROCEDURE”.

Any dispute is exclusively competence the Turin law court.


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