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FROSTY RW 351 12V-400/3/50Vac


Electric Absorption: 26A@12Vdc - 6A@400Vac
Voltage: 12Vdc - 400Vac 3ph 50Hz
Coolant: R134a
Evaporator air flow: 1200 m3/h
Weight of condensing unit: 76 kg
Condensing unit dimensions: 1132 x 601 x 239 mm
Weight of evaporating unit: 12 Kg
Evaporating unit dimensions: 906 x 499 x 147 mm
12V cooling capacity: 2519 W @0°C
ATP homologation: Yes
220V cooling capacity: 1700 W 0°C

The kit include refrigerator, roof condenser with stand-by compressor, electrical wiring, engine compressor, mounting set, and digital controls. It is not included the engine compressor bracket. Some optional are available in the dedicated section.

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